Book of Revelation Study Guide

What I did was bought the Joseph Smith New Translation of the Bible which you can get on Amazon here, where on each page there is one column with the King James Version of the Bible and on the other side the versus as Joseph Smith modified them.  The problem with this book is it only has the changes, not the entire text of the bible.  So what makes this guide special is that it has the entire book of Revelation infused with those changes Joseph Smith made so you can read it and study it as a single document rather than going back and forth between various books.


I start with a table of contents and an explanation

Many prophets and apostles have talked about various meanings to different parts of the book of Revelation.  I decided to add the best of these quotes from the most reliable resources, Joseph Smith for example.  This includes commentary and sometimes interpretations and descriptions.  I added scripture references especially other places in the scriptures where the same event is discussed.  I called out some areas where temple topics are referenced. 

I added word definitions where appropriate, maps and other references as well as inspirational quotes. I either put the reference right in the quote or there is a symbol references a legend at the bottom where you can see where I got that source of material. These references include…

• 2014 LDS New Testament Student Manual for Religion 211-212
• Doctrinal New Testament Commentary Volume 3 by Bruce R. McConkie
• Understanding the Book of Revelation Oct 1983 Ensign
• Various General Conference Addresses
• Other Ensign and church publications

I made this study guide after I read an amazing ensign article from September 1975 by Bruce R. McConkie called “Understanding the Book of Revelation” where he gives some amazing insights into how to understand this amazing book.  I used that as a template to build this study guide.  So once I give you this link, you can continue to listen to what Bruce R. McConkie said regarding how to understand the book of Revelation.  I think the insights and tips he gives in this article are keys to understanding all scripture, so I want to discuss those for a few minutes.  Then at the end of the video I’ll give you the link again to the Revelation study guide.  But for those that just want to download it and run, here is the link:

Understanding the Book of Revelation – Bruce R. McConkie

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